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Recruitment Expertise

With a solid background in recruitment, Art2write always has a clear advantage over its competition. RESUME Writing not only requires excellent writing skills but an expert understanding of the job market especially the working profile of a customer. Coming from a recruitment background all our writers always leverage this knowledge in preparing RESUME.

Ground knowledge

Every market and its requirement differ. Our writers have written RESUME for US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, rest of Europe, Australia and Middle-East. When we write a RESUME, we ensure it is aligned to the country or regions requirement.

Interactive Process

After you place an order, the writer assigned would collect all the information necessary in preparing the first draft. Your interaction with the writer is crucial. It is your career and no one understands it better. A good interactive process will help the writer bring out your best in the RESUME and make it competitive to win interview calls.


Most of the competition simply edits your RESUME. Rewording it and presenting it in a new format is not called “RESUME Writing”. This form of service is available at for USD 39. When writing your RESUME, we collect detailed information via a questionnaire and rewrite it from ground up. So essentially your RESUME is not revised and edited but given an entirely new content, look and feel.

Attention to details

Our writers are well trained to ensure right usage of words, engage in keyword profiling and structure sentences to make reading your RESUME interesting. What`s more we keep building new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compatible formats that not only look impressive but are read well by job sites and career website of employers.

Rewritten to get you interview calls

The Professional Social Profile

With the advent of LinkedIn it has become a lot easier for organizations to learn the background, skill-sets and popularity of professionals in their current organizations. Most of the professionals do not pay attention in building their LinkedIn profiles and copy their existing CV which can be a huge barrier in finding new opportunities. Art2write has analyzed and studied 100`s of LinkedIn profiles of successful top management professionals. We have adopted an exclusive style of writing that gives your profile the much needed edge. Our aim is to set you as a Brand and let employers easily spot your positives and key competencies. Art2write created LinkedIn profiles are of extremely high standards which assures you a significantly large professionally connected base.

Our writers develop LinkedIn summary, skills section, roles and write your project details all from scratch. Every aspect is given importance which can be justified when you see an increased footfall on your profile and a greater number of connections. LinkedIn has become the No 1 choice of recruiters and employers and keeping it in good shape is of prime importance.

Take your LinkedIn to a new level

The last minute RESUME check

Tidying up your RESUME for that last minute interview? Not sure what should include and if it is well structured to get past ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and more importantly meet the employer’s requirement? Well, we have crafted a service exactly for this purpose. RESUME Editing unlike a full-fledged RESUME Writing service is simply a proof reading one that helps an expert writer quickly check your RESUME for grammatical mistakes, sentence structuring and optimize it for passing through ATS with a compliant format if needed.

Competition often sells this service in the name of RESUME Writing and charges you a premium. However, “RESUME Editing” does not include any new form of writing. Due to its low charges of USD 3 (starting price) we provide limited number of revisions. This service is suitable if you already have a well written RESUME which has not been updated in a while and requires some polishing

Refresh your CV and have it edited for consistency

An Introductory career document

Cover letters are crucial to getting interview calls. Consider them to be an introductory page that presents your career highlights and suitability for the open position. Most employers will ask you to attach a Cover. Essentially an employer reads a Cover Letter to find your interest for the position and what you can offer that can benefit the company.

At Art2write we have written some powerful Covers that have impressed employers and carved a path for new positions in companies. Our expert CV Writers have developed Cover Letters for CEO`s, VP`s, Directors, Senior Managers and Mid Level professionals across Middle-east.

Introductory Letter that sets you apart from competition

Career Game Changer

LinkedIn promotion is among the most popular means of reaching employers. Over the years, Art2write has achieved success by leaps and bounds by connecting employers and job seekers through this cost-effective means.

What do we do ?

LinkedIn promotion works to improve your online presence and give you more visibility with recruiters and employers. We carry out a number of activities over a period of 8–12 weeks that help you rank higher within your domain of work. If your LinkedIn profile ranks higher in search results you get easily picked up and reach plenty more employers. Our team needs your permission to access your LinkedIn account. All work is carried out only after your approval. Your LinkedIn CV should be in good shape for promotion activities to give good results.

Activities involve

  • Building new connections
  • Getting you recommendations
  • Working to get you more endorsements
  • Skills enhancement and kudos
  • Content enhancement through new articles (article writing may be additionally charged)
Does it help and Success rate ?

LinkedIn is the go-to tool for hiring these days. Employers find all the details about the candidate and find it much more efficient and cost-effective. Over the last 2 years, LinkedIn has seen a 180% rise in hiring activities unlike other job boards, which are on the decline. Art2write capitalizes on LinkedIn`s platform by engaging you with a recruiter audience. We have a 99% success rate with our LinkedIn Promotion service.

Reach 5x Employers and Recruiters

What is a Visual Resume

A visual resume is a one pager info-graphic Resume that helps you stand out from the competition. It is a short supplementary document to be used alongside your primary Resume.

How does it help

The Visual is to be used to share your resume directly within your circle and contacts. Since it’s a short one it helps someone get a quick glimpse of your career without having to read too much or get into details. You can check out samples of Visual Resume here. Its under the “Visual Resumes” section

Info Graphic one page Resume

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LinkedIn Profile

Get Recruiters Interested

Visual Resume

Attractive Info-graphic Resume

LinkedIn Promotion

5x reach to Employers

Unbeatable Improvement

Significant Increase in Resume Views- Stats of Popular Industries

RESUME`s Written by Art2write`s expert RESUME Writers have shown a significant rise of views in comparison to the older version of the RESUME. Our RESUME Writing Services are backed by an assured increase in views whether it is uploaded to a job site or used for applying a new position at an employer’s career website. Our RESUME`s are 100% ATS compatible that makes reading the RESUME by software friendly. All your industry-based keywords are covered ranking you higher in search results.

Our RESUME`s have been effective in getting the required response across almost every industry under the sun. No matter what is your experience level, fresher, mid-level or leadership, we will write a RESUME that is sure to impress your prospect employer

90 day Interview Guarantee

We are supremely confident that our newly written RESUME will multiply your chances of getting a job by many folds. Just like it has done for the rest of our customers over the period of years. This makes us come out with a unique job guarantee. Should you receive no improvement in the number of interview calls within a period of 90 days from date of purchase of our services, we will rewrite your RESUME again from a different writer. If you again see no improvement, we will refund you your money.

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